Fishing Regs & Fees

Ontario Fishing Regulations Summary

An annual guide to the rules and regulations for recreational fishing in Ontario.
It contains information about recreational fishing licences,
open seasons and catch limits, as well as up-to-date fishing regulations for each fishing zone.

We are in Zone 11 

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I am an "Ontario Resident" take me to the Ontario Fishing License Fees (read more) 

Fly-in Fishing Day Trips


Extremely popular, BOOK EARLY!  Take me to the rates.

Marten River Lodge, in keeping with its long tradition of providing sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts with The Ultimate Outdoor Adventure, now offers fly-in fishing day trips to remote lakes in northern Ontario and aerial sight-seeing charters over Temagami.

In partnership with Lakeland Airways of Temagami, Ontario, Marten River Lodge introduced this new service in 2015 to the delight of many of our guests. Flights depart from Lakeland Airway’s base in Temagami and return to MRL docks. Guests are flown to one of four different lakes for a chance at catching trophy bass and pike. Boats, motors, fuel, bait, lunch, ground and air transportation as well as a guide are included in our fly-in adventure service.

fly in fishing northern canada

Many anglers long for the chance at experiencing a fly-in fishing trip, but don’t necessarily want to spend thousands of dollars to rough it for a full week at an isolated, remote camp way up north somewhere. Our new fly-in fishing day trip packages allow guests to fulfill their bucket list at far less cost and return to a comfortable cabin and home-cooked meal in a single day. Fly-in Fishing Day trips are offered as part of our Ultimate Deluxe Fishing & Adventure Package and can be added to any of our other adventure package plans.

Marten River Lodge has been in business for over 80 years, founded in 1933 as the first licensed fishing resort in the Temagami region. Owners Ray & Donna Sapiano purchased the business in 2012 and have worked diligently to continue to build on MRL’s success as a premier fishing, hunting, cottage and corporate retreat destination. “Our guided remote back lake trips are extremely popular with our guests,” says Ray Sapiano. “We have several remote lakes we access by truck, UTV or by Argo. Adding a fly-in remote fishing component to our business is a natural step for us.” 

Lakeland Airways has been in business for over 60 years, flying sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts for fly-in fishing, hunting and canoe trips to outposts and remote lakes in northern Ontario. Pilot Darren Gareh insists on flying his guests personally in his de Havilland Beaver, C-FJKT and on providing a professional, safe and memorable experience. “MRL guests can expect the same quality experience we offer to all our customers combined with the extended services provided by their hosts,” says Darren.

Fishing guests are encouraged to book well in advance. Flights will depart from Lakeland Airway’s base in Temagami and guests will return by air to the lodge. Non-fishing guests and photography enthusiasts who would like to experience Temagami’s spectacular vistas by air can also book in advance for a 35-minute scenic flight subject to availability.

Northern Ontario Float Plane Fishing TripWhat to expect:

Ground transportation from MRL to Temagami airbase departs around 8 AM (after breakfast)
Flights generally depart by 8:30 AM or 9 AM
Flight duration to lake destinations average 15-20 minutes
Pick-up time for return flight to MRL is generally between 4 PM and 5 PM
Guests are limited to 50 lbs cargo (rod, tackle box, camera, personal affects)
Live bait, nets, safety gear and lunch are all provided 
Boats, motor and fuel provided 
Maximum 4 people per flight (3 guests plus guide)
Maximum 6 people (3 per boat)
Additional same-day flights for groups up to 6 (including guide) may be available at extra cost 
All bookings are non-cancellable; subject to rescheduling at pilot discretion
Flights and selected lakes are all subject to weather and wind conditions
Fuel surcharges may apply 


Guided Back Lake Fishing Excursions

Guided Back Lake Fishing Excursions

At MRL, we specialize in guided back lake fishing adventures. We take you to lakes and places most people never get to see - and we do it by land, by water and by air with our fleet of extreme terrain vehicles, boats and float plane. No other lodge in north eastern Ontario offers this kind of comprehensive guided fishing program and the options you have to enhance your fishing experience.

With 15 available lakes to choose from, including our four self-guided main lakes, your Ultimate Outdoor Adventure can be whatever you want it to be. And the best part is that our guides do most of the work for you.

Guests staying with us on our All-Inclusive American Plan automatically get one guided trip to Wicksteed Lake during their stay. Complete with shore lunch, this is by far our most popular adventure. Others choose our Deluxe Fishing Package which gives them a guided trip to a different lake every day! Choose our Ultimate Deluxe Package and you’ll also enjoy a Fly-in Fishing Day Trip among your daily adventures.

Regardless of what package you choose, you can add one or more guided back lake adventures to your stay. These trips are extremely popular and get booked up very quickly each year. So to avoid disappointment, we encourage you to book early. Call us and let us help you build your Ultimate Outdoor Adventure!


We have several options for back lake fishing, some of which depend on how adventurous you feel as some lakes can be difficult to get to. Others will depend on weather, group size, and accessibility given the time of year. All our excursions are unique and provide a true Northern adventure. Those who prefer easy access and a shore lunch need to look no further than Wicksteed Lake - our most popular. We will be happy to help you choose your adventure - give us a call! 1-800-561-2067

Why choose a guide? 

Shore Lunch Fishing AdventuresOur Guides are the best in the business. Cumulatively, our guides have over 100 years guiding experience. If you’ve been here before, then most likely you fished with Bill Tregenza, Dave Simpson, Art Arnold, Smiley, Brian Dougall, Doug Fairburn, Bob Aldridge, Adam Sapiano, Jeff Duhn, Sam Rose or Stephen Wright. Beyond being great anglers, our guides are also great hosts ensuring your safety, making the trip enjoyable, and of course facilitating the kind of experience you’re looking for. Whether it be trophy Pike, Bass or Walleye, an awesome shore lunch, or perhaps just to learn a little bit about our surroundings, our guides will be there for you.

Wicksteed Lake - Pickerel (Walleye), Bass, Pike, Perch

A large, diverse heavily structured lake known for quality pickerel. Fish for pickerel and you’re likely to have a Pike grab your dinner! Expect to catch your limit and enjoy a shore lunch with the fish you catch fresh off the lake and prepared expertly by your guide on an open fire. Easy access provides more time to fish! Your limit will be cleaned by the guide.
  • Access: Easy
  • Requirements: 4x4 Truck (we provide)
  • Action: Minnows & worms
  • Lunch: Fresh catch of the day prepared by your guide, diced fire pit potatoes, beans and dessert

Rates for Wicksteed Lake:

  • $178.00 per person - 2 person min.
  • $89.00 per person thereafter using one guide 
  • 5 people max. per guide

Largo Lake - Walleye, Bass, Pike

back lake fishing in marten riverA small and very remote lake and an adventure to get to. Travel by truck about 40 minutes and then about an hour by Argo into the bush. Leaves you limited time on the water but offers a quality fishing experience.

  • Access: Very limited, very remote
  • Requirements: 4x4 Truck, Argo (we provide)
  • Action: minnows & worms; Casting - spinner baits, catch & release  
  • Lunch: Packed cooler - sandwiches, drinks, dessert

Rates for Largo Lake:

  • $226.00 per person - 2 person min., 
  • $113.00 per person thereafter
  • 3 people max. 

Note: Access to Largo Lake may not be possible before late June each year due to high water levels at crossing.  Call for more information.

Chico Lake - Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing 

A small remote lake with shallow water surrounded by rocks, underwater structure, coves and plentiful bass. Expect lots of action with sizes ranging from 1 lb to 6 lbs. Travel by truck about 45 minutes and then about an hour by Argo into the bush. Leaves you limited time on the water but offers a quality fishing experience.

  • Access: Very limited, very remote, some rough terrain
  • Requirements: 4x4 Truck, Argo (we provide)
  • Action: Live bait - minnows & worms Casting - spinner baits, catch & release  
  • Lunch: Packed cooler - sandwiches, drinks, dessert

Rates for Chico Lake:

  • $226.00 per person - 2 person min.  
  • $113.00 per person thereafter 
  • 3 people max.

Hangstone Lake - Walleye, Bass, Pkids love to fish marten river ontarioike, Lake Trout

A large, remote lake reached by truck or UTV and our second-most popular remote lake destination. Combine back-lake fishing with a guided UTV trip and you get twice the adventure! Walleye and Northern Pike fishing or the smallmouth bass enthusiast.

  • Access: Moderately easy, slow going over rough terrain
  • Requirements: 4x4 Truck or UTV (we provide)
  • Action: Live bait - minnows & worms
  • Lunch: Packed cooler - sandwiches, drinks, dessert

Rates for Hangstone Lake:

  • $204.00 per person - 2 person min. 
  • $102.00 per person thereafter 
  • 5 people max. 

*Rates based on shared UTV transportation plus one UTV for towing second boat if required.

Smart Lake

kids fishings in Northern OntarioA small, remote lake, a unique experience and a sure bet for exciting bass fishing. Fish are plentiful and range from 2 - 6 pounds!

  • Access: Moderately easy, slow going over rough terrain.
  • Requirements: 4x4 Truck or UTV (we provide)
  • Action: minnows & worms.
  • Lunch: Packed cooler - sandwiches, drinks, dessert.

Rates for Smart Lake: 

  • $204.00 per person - 2 person min.
  • $102.00 per person thereafter using one guide
  • 5 people max. 

 Note: Access to Smart  Lake may not be possible before late June each year due to high water levels at crossing. Call for more information.

Bear Lake - Pike, Bass, Pickerel Fishing

A beautiful picturesque lake - some say the prettiest. Lots of Walleye and Northern Pike fishing-they can get big! Unlike Wicksteed, the use of artificial bait here requires different fishing techniques, but the rewards can be substantial.

  • Access: Limited, remote – seasonal access 
  • Requirements: 4x4 Truck, (we provide) 20 minute walk (you provide :o)
  • Action:  Trolling, Casting, artificial baits  
  • Lunch: Packed cooler - sandwiches, drinks, dessert

Rates for Bear Lake:

  • $226.00 per person, 2 person min.
  • $113.00 per person thereafter 
  • 3 people max.
  • *Optional upgrade to shared UTV transportation add $210.00

Note: Access to Bear Lake may be limited at times due to road and bush conditions at certain times of year.  Call for more information.

 utv and atv adventuresChristian Lake – Smallmouth Bass

A small, remote and easily accessed lake chock full of “Smallies”!! A short trip by truck and you’re on the water in no time.  

  • Access: Easy
  • Requirements: 4x4 Truck (we provide)
  • Action: Trolling, Casting
  • Lunch: Packed cooler - sandwiches, drinks, dessert.

 Rates for Christian Lake:

  • $178.00 per person, 2 person min.
  • $89.00 per person there after using one guide
  • 5 people max. 

Please Note: 

1. We do limit the number of trips we can operate per week to the very remote lakes (Bear, Chico, Largo, Hangstone, Smart) so if you’re interested, please try to book well in advance so we can slot you in. All trips and transportation options are subject to availability. MRL reserves the right to combine parties into single trips.

2. All scheduled back lake trips are booked rain or shine and are cancelable only at the discretion of MRL management. If trips are cut short due to weather, full charges will apply.

3. Small children or seniors who may not be used to the rugged terrain or the long day in a boat may not enjoy Bear, Chico, Largo, Hangstone or Smart lakes.

4. We are a proponent of catch and release, preserving our fisheries for generations to come. Some remote lakes are strictly catch and release.



Sam Rose Profile

After an outstanding year last year guiding the majority of over 450 individual guests’ back lake and fly-in fishing adventures, serving up some 250+ shore lunches, and a successful bear hunt program, Sam returns for 2017 more eager than ever for another busy season. 

Sam has made himself an invaluable part of the MRL team, working tirelessly to study and learn our waters, hunt down new fishing holes, tracking fish behavior and marking structures in order to optimize guests’ productivity for every trip. And despite the many “mine fields” in our lakes, he has yet to eat a prop! 

Equally enthusiastic about our bear hunt program, Sam yearns for every minute he can spend in the bush. He built three new stands last year and repaired others, brushed new and existing trails and maintained a rigorous baiting protocol that delivered our highest activity rate yet.

Two things we’ve learned about Sam – his passion for the outdoors is limitless and, don’t give him a challenge unless you’re prepared to see it through with him! 

Sam grew up in Gananoque, Ontario and was introduced to the outdoors at a very young age. He spent many years fishing local waters chasing large and smallmouth bass, pike and walleye becoming a proficient and avid angler. His intrigue and passion for the outdoors led him to also take up hunting in his youth, pursuing both large and small game including waterfowl and upland birds, deer and moose. Today he is a knowledgeable outdoorsman, equally comfortable in the bush and on the water and eager to share his experience helping others enjoy, learn and succeed in their wilderness pursuits.

Sam also guided successful whitetail deer and black bear hunts in northern Saskatchewan. There he attended to all aspects of hunt operations including clearing and brushing, sighting reports, baiting, transportation, tracking and retrieval and processing of game. He worked closely with hunter guests ensuring their safety, providing guidance and advice and ultimately meeting their needs for optimizing their experience and success.  

Sam has also trained and worked in the resort hospitality industry in various roles including maintenance, grounds keeping and food preparation. He possesses a strong work ethic, positive demeanor and commitment to customer service.

Needless to say, we are thrilled to have Sam back for 2017. We love him and our guests love him. Welcome back Sammy!

Stephen Wright

Stephen is a young man with a deep passion for the outdoors, gained through his lifetime of varied wilderness experiences and education. He joins MRL as Associate Guide for 2017 and brings a contagious enthusiasm for the job.

Guide Stephen WrightAs a former guide with the private Griffith Island Club in Georgian Bay, Ontario, Stephen developed his skills in hunting small and large game - learning to run dogs on game birds and processing harvested deer. He also worked as part of a team in maintaining grounds and facilities and attending to the needs and safety of hunter guests. 

Growing up in the Ottawa Valley provided Stephen with unfettered access to the outdoors and he took full advantage of his surroundings. He is an avid and accomplished fisherman of all species and all seasons as well as a proficient hunter with rifle, bow and shotgun. 

Raised under the tutelage of his grandfather, he helped manage an expansive woodlot, clearing brush, maintaining access roads, marking trees, felling, hauling and splitting wood. He attended Woodlot Conferences to broaden his knowledge and completed his Chainsaw Safety and Tree Marking certification. Stephen was also a member of the Lakehead Timber Sports Team and competed in Lindsey, Ontario.

As a certified Wilderness First Responder, Stephen completed two tours with Outward Bound Canada mentoring youth through a 21-day Flatwater Adventure in Temagami and a 7-day Winter Dog Sled Adventure. He is also a member of the McNamara Field Naturalists’ Club giving him the benefit and knowledge to interpret nature and its many wonders. 

Incidentally, Stephen has a direct heritage link to MRL as he is the great grandson of George & Audrey Beach, founders and original owners of Marten River Lodge back in 1933. Clearly, the love of the outdoors runs in his veins.  

As one of his former employers told us…“give Stephen a knife and he can live in a tree and survive.” We think our guests will be in good hands!

Welcome to MRL Stephen. 

Brian Dougall

A.K.A. “The Fish Whisperer” has been guiding in the Temagami region for over 40 years and a member of our guide pool at MRL for many years. He is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable outdoorsmen in the area, having spent most of his life in Marten River, moving here with his parent’s when they owned and operated their own fishing camp. 

A trapper by trade, entrepreneur and multi-talented tradesman, there’s not much Brian doesn’t do. His cool and calm demeanor and dry sense of humour makes spending time with him on the water a unique and entertaining experience. Not to mention his natural ability to get you on fish! You’d swear he speaks to them!

Brian has fished just about every lake in the area and has trained others in the art and science of guiding. Few have mastered his magic touch. He has been a friend and mentor to Marten River Lodge for many years, an active member of our community and we are grateful for his association with us.


Main Lakes

The Beautiful Marten River Water System 

Fishing in Ontario is what Marten River is famous for and that's still what we're known for today. It should be fun, productive and exciting. We've planned our packages with this in mind and are proud to offer you comfortable, fully-equipped, quality boats and motors, all bait, gas, fish finders, live wells, landing nets, maps to where the fish are, life jackets, and safety kits. 

After all, you'll most likely spend more time on the water than anywhere else. All you need to bring is your camera, your fishing gear and some enthusiasm.  

beautiful marten river water system

Ontario Walleye Fishing

The Lake system is big and is encompassed in the Nipissing Crown Game preserve. There are a series of four lakes on about 24 km of waterway full of structure and plenty of fish. Little Marten Lake, Big Marten Lake, Bruce Lake and Mcfee Lake are all excellent choices. We’ll put you on to fish, show you the hot spots and share with you the seasonal locations where the fish are. 

Our lakes have Pickerel (Walleye), Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Perch or pan fish. With live minnows or worms included in your boat rental, you’ll find the fishing exciting and rewarding. While we encourage catch-and-release, you can also choose to catch your limit. With the equipment included above in your package, we make it easy!

Our Boats

Top of the Line Boat Packages 

16 ft Starcraft boats with 74" wide raised platform, live well, pedestal seats, 30 HP ES motors, fish finder, storage and more.

Designed for the serious fisherman, our new 16 ft Starcraft boats were ordered with you in mind. They offer room, flexibility, dependability and convenience for you and your group. 

Each boat comes with: Boats at Marten River Lodge

  • 7 ft raised bow casting platform with live well and storage compartment 
  • 3 Pedestal seats 
  • Auto-fill live well
  • Electric bilge pump
  • Running lights
  • Rod holders
  • Newly upgraded Humminbird PMax4 Fish Finders with 5” Color Screen
  • NEW 2013 electric start 30 hp motors with back up pull start
  • Unlimited fuel - we keep the tank full for you
  • Landing net
  • Safety gear
  • Life jackets
  • Unlimited bait- minnows, worms