Sam Rose

Sam returns in 2018 for his third year at MRL. Sam has made himself an invaluable part of the MRL team, working tirelessly to study and learn our waters, hunt down new fishing holes, tracking fish behavior and marking structures in order to optimize guests’ productivity for every trip. He never tiers of fishing and is always looking for ways to change the game and improve results. It’s his passion.Sam Rose GuideSam Rose Guide fish hunt

Equally enthusiastic about our bear hunt program, Sam yearns for every minute he can spend in the bush. Weather its building new stands or repairing others, brushing new and existing trails, studying game trails and bear behavior or rethinking baiting strategies… he plays to win every time. Sam oversees and maintains a rigorous baiting protocol that produces high activity rates each season.

Two things we’ve learned about Sam – his passion for the outdoors is limitless and, don’t give him a challenge unless you’re prepared to see it through with him! 

Sam grew up in Gananoque, Ontario and was introduced to the outdoors at a very young age. He spent many years fishing local waters chasing large and smallmouth bass, pike and walleye becoming a proficient and avid angler. His intrigue and passion for the outdoors led him to also take up hunting in his youth, pursuing both large and small game including waterfowl and upland birds, deer and moose. Today he is a knowledgeable outdoorsman, equally comfortable in the bush and on the water and eager to share his experience helping others enjoy, learn and succeed in their wilderness pursuits.

Prior to joining MRL, Sam also guided successful whitetail deer and black bear hunts in northern Saskatchewan. There he attended to all aspects of hunt operations including clearing and brushing, sighting reports, baiting, transportation, tracking and retrieval and processing of game. He worked closely with hunter guests ensuring their safety, providing guidance and advice and ultimately meeting their needs for optimizing their experience and success. 

Sam has also trained and worked in the resort hospitality industry in various roles including maintenance, grounds keeping and food preparation. He possesses a strong work ethic, positive demeanor and commitment to customer service.

Needless to say, we are thrilled to have Sam back for 2018. We love him and our guests love him. Welcome back Sammy!

Stephen Wright

Stephen is a young man with a deep passion for the outdoors, gained through his varied wilderness experiences and education. He joined MRL as Associate Guide in 2017 and over the season, developed his skills and knowledge under the guidance of Sam Rose and the MRL team. 

Guide Stephen WrightA capable fisherman with a personable good nature and genuine interest in all things outdoors, a day on the water with Stephen is like reading a good book. While you’re catching fish or enjoying a hearty shore lunch, Stephen’s stories and interpretations of our natural surroundings will enhance your day’s experience.

As a former guide with the private Griffith Island Club in Georgian Bay, Ontario, Stephen developed his skills in hunting small and large game - learning to run dogs on game birds and processing harvested deer. This made him a quick learn and valued contributor to our bear hunt program, working with the rest of team in ensuring a rewarding and successful hunt last season. His strong knowledge of firearms is a great asset and he is always ready to engage in any dialogue about hunting guide

Growing up in the Ottawa Valley provided Stephen with unfettered access to the outdoors and he took full advantage of his surroundings. He is an avid and accomplished fisherman of all species and all seasons as well as a proficient hunter with rifle, bow and shotgun. 

Raised under the tutelage of his grandfather, he helped manage an expansive woodlot, clearing brush, maintaining access roads, marking trees, felling, hauling and splitting wood. He attended Woodlot Conferences to broaden his knowledge and completed his Chainsaw Safety and Tree Marking certification. Stephen was also a member of the Lakehead Timber Sports Team and competed in Lindsey, Ontario.

As a certified Wilderness First Responder, Stephen completed two tours with Outward Bound Canada mentoring youth through a 21-day Flatwater Adventure in Temagami and a 7-day Winter Dog Sled Adventure. He is also a member of the McNamara Field Naturalists’ Club giving him the benefit and knowledge to interpret nature and its many wonders. 

Incidentally, Stephen is the great grandson of George & Audrey Beach, founders and original owners of Marten River Lodge back in 1933. Clearly, the love of the outdoors runs in his veins.

Brian DougallBrian Dougall Fishing guide

A.K.A. “The Fish Whisperer” Brian has been guiding in the Temagami region for over 40 years and a member of our guide pool at MRL for many years. He is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable outdoorsmen in the area, having spent most of his life in Marten River, moving here with his parents when they owned and operated their own fishing camp. 

A trapper by trade, entrepreneur and multi-talented tradesman, there’s not much Brian doesn’t do. His cool and calm demeanor and dry sense of humour makes spending time with him on the water a unique and entertaining experience. Not to mention his natural ability to get you on fish! You’d swear he speaks to them!

Brian has fished just about every lake in the area and has trained others in the art and science of guiding. Few have mastered his magic touch. He has been a friend and mentor to Marten River Lodge for many years, an active member of our community and we are grateful for his association with us.